Graphic and Media Design - Associate of Applied Science Degree

Graphic and Media Design - Associate Degree
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Associate of Applied Science
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Arts, Business, Humanities, and Social Science

Turn your creativity into a career. Virginia Peninsula’s Graphic and Media Design program is packed with an exciting array of courses in animation, video production, motion graphics design, web design and interactive design for mobile devices. The College’s state-of-the-art facilities include green screen and video lighting studios and a visual arts gallery.


This associate degree program is the first step to an exciting career in the arts. Whether you’re hoping to design billboards or help businesses attract attention with unique designs, Virginia Peninsula’s Computer Arts program can help you make that happen. You’ll be qualified for opportunities in fine arts, graphic design, communications, commercial design, industrial design and exhibition design. Students with credentials pursue careers in:

  • fine arts
  • graphic design
  • communications
  • commercial design
  • industrial design
  • exhibition design
  • desktop publishing
  • multimedia art and animation
  • painting, coating and decorating

"My experience with Virginia Peninsula’s Computer Arts program has been very rewarding and an overall joy. I have had the opportunity to learn from some of the best instructors in the Hampton Roads area and feel that I have truly grown in my craft. This experience at Virginia Peninsula has strengthened my belief that going back to school to pursue my passion was definitely the best decision that I made."

Ebony Pierce

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