Academic Divisions

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Arts, Business, Humanities and Social Sciences

Robert Askew, Interim Dean of Arts, Business, Humanities and Social Sciences
Myleah Kerns, Associate Dean of Arts, Business, Humanities and Social Sciences

(757) 825-2799

Hampton campus, Hampton III, room 725

Public Safety, Allied Health and Human Services

Public Safety Programs

Allied Health Programs

Human Services Programs

Paul Long, Dean of Public Safety, Allied Health and Human Services

Jenni Jones, Director of Public Safety, Allied Health and Human Services

Academic Unit Office Location: Hampton Campus
Hampton III Building, 525 Butler Farm Road, Suite 747, Hampton, Virginia 23666

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Myleah Kerns, Interim Dean of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
Beth A. Dickens
, Associate Dean of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

(757) 825-2898

Hampton campus, Hastings Hall, room 321

Academic Division Programs

AAS Accounting 203
CSC Accounting 221-203-02
CSC Accounting and Financial Analytics 221-203-08
AS Business Administration 213
CERT Business Management 223
CSC Business Principles 221-212-04
CSC Digital Video 221-512-04
CSC Fundamentals of Organizational Leadership 221-212-13
AAS Graphic and Media Design 506
AA Liberal Arts 648
AA Liberal Arts w/Music 648-04
AAS Management 212
CSC Photography 221-502-01
CSC Project Management 221-212-21
AS Social Science 882
AS Social Science w/Education 882-01
CSC Supervision 221-212-25
AFA Visual Arts 561
CERT Uniform Certificate of General Studies 695


AAS Administration of Justice 400
CSC Administration of Justice 221-400-01
AAS Administrative Support Technology 298
AAS Administrative Support Technology w/Medical Office Administration 298-02
CSC Administrative Support Technology: Medical Office Assistant 221-285-01
CSC Benefits Program Specialist 221-480-14
CSC Certified Medical Administrative Assistant 221-285-89
CSC Child Development 221-636-04
CSC Clinical Medical Adminstrative Assistant 221-285-89
AAS Dental Hygiene 118
AAS Early Childhood Development 636
CERT Early Childhood Development Assistant 632
AAS Emergency Medical Services 146
CSC Emergency Medical Services-Intermediate to Paramedic 221-146-05
CSC Emergency Medical Technician 221-146-01
AAS Fire Science Technology 427
CSC Foundations of Criminal Justice 221-400-45
AS Health Science 620
CSC Healthcare Technician – Nurse Aide 221-157-04
AAS Human Services 480
CERT Legal Assistant 261
CSC Managing Early Childhood Programs 221-636-61
AAS Paralegal Studies 260
AAS Professional Nursing 156
CSC Public Safety Telecommunicator 221-411-01
CSC Structural Firefighting 221-427-12
CSC Substance Abuse Counselor Assistant 221-480-30
CSC Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 221-903-10
CERT Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 903
CSC Architectural Technology 221-729-65
CERT Automotive Technology 902
AAS Automotive Technology 909
CSC Cisco Networking 221-732-10
CSC Computer-Aided Drafting and Design Technology 221-729-01
CERT Computer-Aided Drafting and Design Technology 727
AAS Computer-Aided Drafting and Design Technology 729
CSC Cybersecurity for Enterprise 221-732-15
CSC Cybersecurity for Local Area Networks (LAN) 221-732-16
CSC Cybersecurity Networking Foundations Level I 221-732-08
CSC Electrical Engineering Technician 221-941-02
AAS Electrical Engineering Technology 941
AS Engineering 831
CSC Foundations of Electrical Engineering Technology 221-941-01
CSC Industry 4.0 221-736-20
AAS Information Systems Technology 299
AS Information Technology 340
CSC Introduction to Cloud 221-299-50
AAS Mechanical Engineering Technology 956
AAS Mechanical Engineering Technology w/Marine Engineering 956-01
AAS Mechanical Engineering Technology w/Mechatronics 956-02
CSC Mechatronics Technology 221-736-01
CSC Precision Machining Advanced Computer Numerical Controls (CNC) Technology 221-883-14
CSC Precision Machining Computer Numerical Controls (CNC) Technology 221-883-13
AS Science 880
AS Science w/Computer Science 880-01
AS Science w/Education 880-02
AS Science w/Math Education 880-03
CSC Ship Drafting and Design 221-729-55
CSC Small Unmanned Aircraft Flight Technician (DRONES) 221-810-05
AAS Technical Studies w/Engineering Technology 718-04
AAS Technical Studies w/Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology 718-02
AAS Technical Studies w/Technical Supervision 718-08
CSC Virtual Machining and Design 221-883-15
CSC Web Design Specialist 221-352-02
CSC Welding Technology Advanced 221-995-02
CSC Welding Technology Basic 221-995-01