Newly Accepted Students Orientation Forms and Requirements

Newly Accepted Students Orientation Forms and Requirements




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and will be posted and final on Orientation Day


Congratulations on your conditional acceptance to Virginia Peninsula Community College's Fall 2024 RN  Degree Program and PN-RN Bridge program at the Hampton Campus with classes that begin on August  21st. To fulfill admissions requirements, your attendance at the following Nursing Orientation session is mandatory

DATE:  Tuesday, May 7, 2024

TIME: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm (Please bring a lunch)

PLACE: PWDC Conference Center, Room 1301-1303 

Please print these instructions for your reference at Orientation.  [Nursing Admissions & Orientation Instructions]

Click here for orientation presentation slides: [Orientation Slides]

If you would like a copy of the orientation slide presentation, please email to request a set and they will be emailed to you.

Please follow instructions for submitting documentation of each requirement; forms will be sent to and physical requirements documents will be uploaded to CastleBranch.  Please submit all requirements in separate PDF files; do not send several requirements combined into one PDF unless directed to do so. Do not separate multiple pages of a document into separate PDF files.  


To change your program of study to A.A.S. Degree Nursing for Fall 2024, please complete and BRING the Program Change Form to Orientation on May 7.   [Program Change Form] Fall 2024 enrollment forms for nursing classes will be reviewed and completed. Registration will be completed soon after Orientation, and you will be notified via email of your registration completion.

1. Complete a drug screen and background check through Castle Branch. You must register AFTER ORIENTATION by May 8th and submit your sample to Lab Corp. by May 13th.  DO NOT REGISTER IN CASTLEBRANCH BEFORE THE ORIENTATION; please wait for instructions and information.  Due dates and more information for the package code and instructions for Registration are provided in this flyer [Castle Branch Directions]. The nursing office will receive your report; no need to submit a copy. You will also register for the Requirements Tracker for all your physical information and documents.

2. Order uniforms- Uniforms and equipment can be purchased through the bookstore (Hampton Campus Bookstore Only) where financial aid may be used.  Student nursing uniforms purchased through the bookstore include:
  • Eggplant scrub tops (crew or V-neck with pockets) and pants (not joggers, no elastic at the ankles) (at least 2 sets).  Both tops and pants should have pockets.  Skirts are not accepted.
  • White lab coat with pockets (Finger-tip length or shorter) or Eggplant scrub jacket (shorter jacket with cuffs and zipper closure).
  • 2 Patches with school emblem that you must secure on the left sleeve (shoulder) of each scrub top.  Available at both campuses.
  • At least 2 Name Tags (in case one gets lost).  Available at both campuses
  • White or black nursing shoes or comfortable sneakers.  Must be leather, not canvas. No Crocs with the sling backs or holes in the top.  No bright or neon colored, mesh sneakers.  The brand logo (if colored) is acceptable.
  • If white shoes, then white knee socks; if black shoes, then black socks.  Your ankles should not show when you sit down.

Students electing to purchase uniforms from another supplier MUST purchase the emblem patches and name tags through the Virginia Peninsula Community College Bookstore.  

A valid driver’s license or VPCC student ID is required for pick up.  Once your order is placed in the bookstore, there are no refunds or returns.  Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery. 

Please contact the bookstore for order information, direction and deadlines at:

    Hampton campus                              Historic Triangle campus

  • Phone: (757) 825-2864                                                  Phone: (757) 258-6547
  • Fax:(757) 825-2735                                                         Fax: (757) 258-4580
  • Bookstore website                                                          Bookstore website

Clinical Equipment Includes: Stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, watch with second-hand capability, pen light, hemostat, and bandage scissors.  These items can be purchased through the bookstore using Financial Aid or can be ordered online from another supplier.

Your complete uniform and clinical equipment must be ready for your first lab or clinical day, so please order early to ensure delivery by August 21 (1st day of fall classes).

3. Provide a copy of your AHA BLS Certification for Healthcare Providers. BLS for Healthcare Provider certification MUST be through American Heart Association or through one of their approved agencies only. (Red Cross certification is not accepted.) Upload both sides of your signed certification card or your eCard to CastleBranch by MONDAY, JULY 1, 2024.

The Workforce Development Office offers AHA BLS classes.  Please contact 757-825-4070 or visit for schedule information and to register for a class. 

4. The nursing program policies in the Nursing Student Handbook [Nursing Handbook] is a big part of Orientation; please read and review before Orientation. Please bring your questions for discussion on May 7. Please print the Nursing Student Handbook Acknowledgement form [Handbook Acknowledgement] and the Board of Nursing Code of Virginia [Code of Virginia]. These two forms will be completed during Orientation.

5. The SP24 Nursing Forms Packet [FA24 Nursing Forms Packet] includes the following forms. Please be sure to complete and sign ALLof the forms and save to a single PDF file. Please email the PDF file to by MONDAY, JULY 1, 2024.

  • Student Information Form
  • Social Media Policy Acknowledgement
  • Photo/Video/Digital Media Release Form
  • Simulation Lab Latex Response Plan
  • Off Campus Use of Equipment
  • Approval to Use Student Assignments
  • Clinical & Field Facility/Site/Agency Restriction Self-Disclosure
  • Student Release of Information for Clinical
  • Release and Waiver of Liability
  • HIPAA/Medical Confidentiality Policy Acknowledgement
  • Influenza Vaccination Attestation
  • Communicable Disease Statement
  • COVID-19 Acknowledgement of Risk

6. Clinical Forms & Information: Please review the Guidelines for Clinical Dress [Guidelines for Clinical Dress] and the Clinical section in the Nursing Student Policy Handbook.  Please print the Request for Personal Information form [Personal Info Request] that is required for clinical application and placement.  Please complete this form and bring it with you to Orientation.

7. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Please provide documentation and complete the forms in the links below to submit the following physical requirements:

  • Physical exam [Health History, Physical Exam, & Immunizations] - Page 4 is not official documentation for the requirements below; it is a good checklist to ensure you have completed each requirement and have requested documentation from your doctor's office or provider.  Do NOT submit Page 4 separately as official documentation of MMR, Varicella, HepB or Tdap requirements; it will be REJECTED. Page 4 is part of the exam forms packet only.
  • Please provide/upload separate documentation of your Immunization History from your patient record or doctor's office for the following:
  • MMRvaccines or positive titer with documented immunity ranges
  • Varicellavaccines or positive titer with documented immunity ranges (history of chicken pox is not sufficient). [CDC Varicella Information]
  • HepBvaccines, positive titer with immunity ranges documented, or sign the HepB declination waiver [HepB Declination Waiver]. HepB is the only requirement that can be waived. [CDC HepB Information] Please complete the HepB waiver if the 3-shot series is in progress and will not be completed before the start of the program.


Heplisav (HepB-CpG) 2-vaccine series - This vaccine requires a positive titer (anti-HBs ≥10 mIU/ml) to prove immunity.

  • Current TDap (expires after 10 years)

 Upload all 4 pages of the Health/Physical Exam forms along with separate PDF files for MMR, Varicella, HepB and Tdap documentation to CastleBranch by Monday, July 1, 2024.

 TB Requirements:

  • Negative IGRA test results from either (1) QuantifFERON®-TB Gold In-Tube test (GFT-GIT) or (2) T-SPOT®Btest (T-Spot). Please also complete the TB Survey at the top of the VPCC PPD form.


  • Mantoux Tuberculin Skin Tests (TST)/2-Step PPD -- Complete the survey portion at the top. Your provider will complete the middle box for Step 1. Then return to your provider 2 weeks laterto complete Step 2. Your provider will need to complete both boxes of the VPCC form [VPCC PPD Form]
  • If you have a positive TST/PPD or IGRA, documentation of a negative chest x-ray after the positive TST is required along with your positive results and the completed survey at the top of the VPCC PPD Form.

Upload all TB documentation to CastleBranch by Monday, July 1, 2024.  

  • 2024-25 Flu Shot:   A 2023-2024 flu shot is not required at this time.  2024-25 flu shot information and due date will be sent to students in September when the new serum is available.  This requirement will remain Incomplete in your CastleBranch Tracker until September.
  • COVID-19 Vaccinations:  Required by our clinical sites.  All students attending clinical rotations will need to complete COVID vaccination series and boosters as necessary to attend clinical. This requirement cannot be declined, and only approved medical or religious exemptions will be accepted. A medical exemption form can be obtained through your medical provider. Please visit 12VAC5-110-80. Exemptions from immunization requirements. ( for more information on a religious exemption. If you have a medical exemption for the COVID shots, please complete the RHS Vaccine Exemption Form [RHS Vaccine Exemption Form]. A medical exemption will require documentation from your doctor; please contact the Nursing Office at 757-825-2808 for more information and directions for additional forms.

Please submit a PDF of your COVID vaccination card and booster records or your approved exemption forms to CastleBranch by Monday, July 1, 2024.     

Documentation for ALL physical requirements is due by:

MONDAY, JULY 1, 2024  

8. Tuition for fall 2024 nursing classes is due by Friday, July 26, 2024.

Please review the list of program expenses and the list of nursing program credits and curriculum. [Program Expenses], [RN Credits and Curriculum], and [PN-RN Bridge Classes Credits and Curriculum] 

There are several nursing scholarships that are available.  Please click here for scholarship information and directions: [Link to VPCC scholarship page].    

9. Textbooks- The nursing textbook and resources package MUST BE purchased from the VPCC Bookstore as a bundle package using ISBN #_________________________. [FA24 1st Semester Package Flyer] This package totals approximately $2,700 (or approximately $900 for first semester and $600 for last 3 semesters) and includes all e-books and on-line resources. Please contact the Financial Aid Office and the Bookstore for additional textbook information. 

Hampton campus               Historic Triangle campus

  • Phone: (757) 825-2864                     Phone: (757) 258-6547
  • Fax:(757) 825-2735                            Fax: (757) 258-4580
  • Bookstore website                             Bookstore website

Financial Aid: or 855-877-3945

PN-RN students must purchase both 1st and 2nd semester book packages before Fall 2024 classes begin. PN-RN students will use ISBN #________________ and #____________________.  Both book packages will total approximately $1,500.

10. Concurrent and Traditional BSN Programs at ODU/VCU and Riverside - The concurrent program allows students enrolled in VPCC's RN program to take on-line courses at other institutions toward their BSN at the same time. After VPCC nursing program completion, you are eligible to take NCLEX for licensure, and then a few months later you will earn a BSN degree. This is an aggressive educational track, so it is highly recommended that students do not take on the extra work required by this double major until the 2nd semester at VPCC; adjust to the nursing course/workload before you begin a concurrent program.

If you prefer a traditional track for your BSN, ODU/VCU and Riverside (and other 4-year VA institutions) also offer an RN to BSN program that starts after VPCC's program is complete. It is a 2-year post-licensure curriculum. 

Contact Information: 

Remember to:

  • Send FA24 Nursing Forms Packet in a single PDF file to by MONDAY, JULY 1, 2024
  • Upload all Physical Requirements Documents (Physical Exam forms in one PDF, and MMR, Varicella, HepB, Tdap, TB, COVID-19 card, and AHA BLS ecard in separate PDF files) to CastleBranch by MONDAY, JULY 1, 2024.
  • Only forms in the FA24 Nursing Forms Packet and the 4 pages of the Physical Exam forms should be combined and sent in a single PDF File. All other forms should be saved to separate PDF files.
  • Pay FA24 tuition by Friday, July 26, 2024. Ensure financial aid or VA benefits are in place to cover nursing classes.

 See you at Orientation on May 7, 2024!

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