Nursing Program Mission, Philosophy, & Outcomes

Mission Statement

The mission of the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) Nursing Programs is to provide affordable, community access to quality nursing education. The VCCS nursing programs prepare qualified students to provide safe, competent, entry-level nursing care in 21st century healthcare environments. Students are prepared to meet the ever-increasing complexity of the healthcare needs of the citizens of Virginia.


VCCS nursing faculty ascribe to the core competencies for nursing and nursing education. While firmly based in science and the arts, the essence of nursing is caring and compassionate patient centered care. Ethical standards, respect for individual dignity, and consideration of cultural context are implicit in the practice of patient centered care. The nurse advocates for patients and families in ways that promote self-determination, integrity, and ongoing growth as human beings. Nursing care is provided in collaboration with the patient, the family and members of the health care team. The nurse displays a spirit of inquiry by examining evidence to improve quality of care, promote safety and improve patient outcomes. Nursing judgment is integral to making competent decisions related to the provision of safe and effective nursing care. Information management essential to nursing care is communicated via a variety of technological and human means.

Nursing Program Outcomes

The program outcomes reflect the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing 2017 Standards and Criteria.

  1. The licensure pass rate for Virginia Peninsula Community College graduates on the NCLEX-RN for first time takers will be 100%.
  2. Eighty percent (80%) of students who are admitted into the Virginia Peninsula Community College Nursing Program will complete the program within three years.
  3. Eighty percent (80%) of Virginia Peninsula Community College nursing graduates seeking employment will be employed within one year after graduation.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the Associate of Applied Science Degree with a major in Nursing will be expected to:

  1. Provide patient centered care promoting therapeutic relationships, caring behaviors, and self-determination across the lifespan for diverse populations.
  2. Practice safe nursing care that minimizes risk of harm across systems and client populations.
  3. Demonstrate nursing judgment through the use of clinical reasoning, the nursing process, and evidence-based practice in the provision of safe, quality care.
  4. Practice professional behaviors that encompass the legal/ethical framework while incorporating self-reflection, leadership and a commitment to recognize the value of life-long learning.
  5. Manage client care through quality improvement processes, information technology, and fiscal responsibility to meet client needs and support organizational outcomes.
  6. Demonstrate principles of collaborative practice within the nursing and interdisciplinary teams fostering mutual respect and shared decision-making to achieve stated outcomes of care.