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Virginia Peninsula Community College is pleased to offer the following Nursing Education Programs:

Practical to Professional Nursing Transition and the Professional Nursing Program are Selective Admission Programs/Courses, please review information specific to the College's selective admission program processes, allied health education pathways, and student planning expectations at Selective Admission Allied Health and Healthcare Programs.

Professional Nursing-Registered Nurse (156) Associate of Applied Science Degree  

Seeking Admission to one of our Public Safety, Allied Health, and/or Human Services Programs - Please Read

Prospective applicants to a Virginia Peninsula Community College public safety and/or allied health program, or any program that places students in an environment to maintain the highest ideals of moral turpitude (Allied Health - Nursing and/or Dental Education, Administration of Justice, Education Professions, Fire and EMS, Emergency Telecommunicator, Human Services, etc.) may be denied admission if they have previously committed academic/scholastic dishonesty. Additionally, students with a criminal conviction should review the specific program requirements before committing funding toward the program of study. Many of our programs in the aforementioned disciplines have stringent licensure/certification requirements established by the licensing and/or certification body that the College is required to abide by and/or uphold. Many of the aforementioned programs/disciplines require background checks and drug screens as a condition of acceptance and/or enrollment. The College reserves the right to verify claims of academic/scholastic dishonesty through reporting program, faculty reports, and/or transcripted academic and/or behavioral probation, suspension and/or dismissal, as well as review the results of background check information and drug screens. Students who have committed academic and/or scholastic dishonesty and/or who have a criminal conviction that may preclude licensure and/or certification may not be accepted into one or more of these programs/disciplines.

How to Gain Eligibility to Apply to the Virginia Peninsula Community College Nursing Education Program

The College's Nursing Education Program offers prelicensure/precertification education for prospective nurse aide (also known as Healthcare Technician) and professional nursing (also known as Registered Nurse) students.

All prospective nursing education program students must apply to Virginia Peninsula Community College (if you have not already). After completing the application, schedule an appointment with the College's Academic Advising Office to select a program of study, complete enrollment, and begin taking the courses and/or prerequisite courses appropriate for their program of interest.

All prospective students will be responsible for transportation to and from the College and health agencies utilized for clinical experiences.

All prospective students will be responsible for completing a criminal history background check, drug screen, as well as for obtaining a medical physical at their expense. Random drug screens and repeat background checks may be required for current or returning students at any time at the student's expense. A student with an unsatisfactory background check and/or drug screening will be dismissed from their respective nursing education program of study.

All prospective students are responsible for successfully completing and/or holding a current, unexpired, Basic Life Support (BLS) (CPR/AED) certification from the American Heart Association (AHA); no others will be accepted. Virginia Peninsula Community College does offer multiple American Health Association (AHA) BLS courses throughout the year that meet this certification requirement.

All prospective students are notified that programs in the Nursing Education Program may and do have required additional costs and/or fees for licensure/certification exams, learning resource packages, uniforms (scrubs), equipment, etc. at the student's expense.

Students may be eligible for financial aid, scholarships, Veteran benefits, and/or other financial assistance; additional information is available in the Financial Aid Office.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Health Professions Board of Nursing has the authority to deny certification and/or licensure to any applicant who has violated any of the provisions of 54.1-3007 of the Code of Virginia. The Nursing Education Program is not able to provide any additional information or answers to questions related to convictions, elapsed periods of time between conviction and application for certification or licensure, or answer any questions regarding criminal convictions and licensure. Any student convicted of illegal offenses other than minor traffic violations are encouraged to consider seeking an alternate program of study.

If Virginia Peninsula Community College and/or the Nursing Education Program determine through verification, review, notification, and/or reporting that a current nursing education student, prospective or current applicant, and/or conditionally offered student/applicant had provided incorrect, inappropriate, false, or misleading information on their application and/or as a part of their application packet, request for transfer evaluation, and/or any portion of documentation therein provided while making application to, seeking admission to, and/or gaining admission into Virginia Peninsula Community College and/or the Nursing Education Program, the student, regardless of current program and/or academic status, will be dismissed from the program, declared ineligible for acceptance into the program, and may be disciplined within College policy and procedures up to and including suspension and/or expulsion from the College. If the act(s) and/or submissions are determined to and/or potentially violate state statutes and/or law, the appropriate authorities will be notified. Students who are rendered ineligible, have conditional offers rescinded, and/or are dismissed from the program for these reasons are not eligible for refunds of cost(s) associated with the program's application and/or acceptance expenses, including but not limited to the costs of learning resources, uniforms, equipment, supplies, etc. Virginia Peninsula Community College and/or the Nursing Education Program reserve the right to verify all information and/or records submitted by students and/or prospective students.

Learn More About the Professional Nursing and Practical to Professional Nursing Transition pre-application, pre-requisite requirements, selection criteria and application requirements and processes by reviewing the application forms and requirements information page.

Professional Nursing Education Program Leadership and Full-Time Faculty:

Miss Jenni Jones, Director of Allied Health, Director of Nursing Education Programs; Dr. Sirena Sears, Program Lead; Dr. Crystal Clark, Faculty; Ms. Marilou Wilder, Faculty; Ms. Susan Stainback, Faculty; and Ms. Shannon Swendsen, Faculty

Professional Nursing Education Program Part-Time Faculty:

Ms. Ajeenah Rashid, Ms. Serena Williams, Ms. Latrice Martin, Ms. Claire Edmonds, and Ms. Maura Santoni


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