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Dental Hygiene Program Information

The Dental Hygiene program is in a Non-Enrollment Period. We are not currently accepting new applications or new student enrollments. Though we cannot provide a timeframe with regard to future application acceptance and/or future enrollment dates at this time, any updates to the program status will be posted here when they become available.

For current and future students:

VPCC continues to be a viable career pathway for aspiring dental professionals and other healthcare-focused individuals. The College remains a great place for students to start their journey. Students are program placed in Health Science, which provides the necessary pre-requisite courses for other Dental Hygiene programs nearby, including Old Dominion University and Virginia Commonwealth University.

The Health Science program also provides a foundation for other allied health and health science pathways for students who wish to change their career trajectory without having to start over in another program. We encourage students to work with their academic advisor to make the best plan for completion.

We are happy to address all concerns and questions. You may reach us at:

Public Safety, Allied Health and Human Services Academic Unit at