Instructions for Requesting Accommodations

Students should contact Office of Accessibility at (757) 825-2867 or use Navigate to schedule an appointment with the Office of Accessibility.

TDD users may call (757) 825-2853, use the Virginia Relay service, or contact by email to schedule their appointment.

We recommend that students contact the office before the start of the semester in order to ensure that the necessary services and accommodations are in place for the first day of class. Students will need to provide appropriate documentation at or prior to the initial appointment.

Registering With Us

  1. Register with us by filling out our Student Intake Form (located under Office of Accessibility on our Enrollment & Aid Forms page)

Click to Submit Registration Intake Forms and Your Medical Documentation

  1. Provide a copy of your class schedule to Office of Accessibility before the start of each semester.
  2. Make arrangements each semester to pick up or have your letters mailed to you. The letter will only state that you are a student with a disability & the accommodations that you are to receive. Your specific disability WILL NOT be noted on the letter. It is your decision to disclose or not to disclose the nature of your disability.
  3. Give the Accommodation Letter to your professors. This is the official communication with your instructors notifying them that you are eligible to receive accommodations.
  4. Once you have submitted your accommodation letter to your instructor (it is advised that you review the accommodations with your instructor) both of you will sign the letter, indicating agreement. Please email the signed letters to

By law, you do not have to tell your instructor the nature of your disability.

Accommodations begin at the time you give the letter to faculty. If you forget, or choose to wait, accommodations will not be provided for anything which occurred before faculty received the accommodations letter.

Contact Office of Accessibility if problems occur. We are here to assist you if there are any problems regarding your accommodations, but it is your responsibility to let us know.