Disability Documentation Guidelines

In order to establish that one is a student with a disability and has a need for accommodation, the student should provide appropriate documentation regarding the nature of his/her disability and the functional limitations of his/her ability that may be addressed through accommodations.

Appropriate documentation from a recognized professional should be submitted to Office of Accessibility prior to obtaining any accommodations.

Virginia Peninsula Community College does not provide testing of disabilities for any student.

Documentation should be as current as possible. Guidelines for specific disabilities will indicate how recent the documentation must be and can be found in the information that follows. Once documentation is provided, Office of Accessibility will work with the student, and faculty when necessary, to identify suitable accommodations.

Documentation should support the need for services and accommodations based on the student's current level of functioning in an educational setting. An I.E.P. (Individualized Education Plan) or 504 Plan may be included as part of the documentation package.

All documentation must be typed on letterhead, dated and signed and include the name, title, and credentials of the evaluator or professional.

All documentation will be kept in the student's confidential fi le in the Office of Accessibility. Documentation is kept for three (3) years after the student's last semester of attendance and then will be destroyed.

Documentation Guidelines