Cybersecurity Programs & Courses

Cybersecurity Programs & Courses

The Cybersecurity Program at Virginia Peninsula is designed to serve students who already have a degree or are separating from the military and have some experience and are seeking a Cybersecurity specialization, as well as incoming freshmen seeking a career in Cybersecurity. Students will have the opportunity to earn several certifications as they progress through the Cybersecurity Program, including Network+ and Security+ and those who earn the AAS can choose to transfer to a partner four year institution (see your advisor for more information).

Incoming freshmen will begin with the AAS in IST and use the courses in the Cybersecurity for Enterprise Career Studies Certificate to fulfill the electives in the AAS program, graduating with two diplomas: an AAS in IT with a specialization in Cybersecurity and a Cybersecurity for Enterprise Career Studies Certificate.

Those who already have a degree may choose to complete the Career Studies Certificate and the certifications to add to current knowledge or in preparation for a career switch.

Course Content Summaries

  • ITN 109 - Internet and Network Foundations
  • ITN 260 - Network Security Basics
  • ITN 261 - Network Attacks, Computer Crime and Hacking
  • ITN 262 - Network Communication, Security and Authentication
  • ITN 263 - Internet/Intranet Firewalls and E-Commerce Security
  • ITN 266 - Network Security Layers
  • ITN 267 - Legal Topics in Network Security