Coming Soon to Virginia Peninsula....

Teams Voice!TeamsVoice.png

VPCC I.T. is proud to announce the adoption of our new phone system, Teams Voice.  Integrated into Teams, you’ll be able to make and answer your calls from your Virginia Peninsula Community College phone number anywhere you have internet…

Across campus? YES!

At another campus? YES!

While teleworking without a VM? YES!

Attending a Conference or Work Event? YES!

From a computer or my Smart Phone? YES!

On Vacation? On the Weekend?  After Hours? NO!

(We’ll guide you on your settings to prevent that.)

Training is coming soon by Will Moore and we’ve carefully selected the following individuals from various areas all over the college to get extra training to be able to assist you in the process as well.

These include:
Dan Plymate (PWDC)
Geri Mathey (Admin Assistants)
Lynsey LeMay and J.J. Bonavita (Faculty)
Lynette Banks and Felicia Woodard (Campus Operators)
Natalie Bellamy and Mary Kanani (Admissions)
LaShawn Littles (HT)
Mayra Vazquez (Financial Aid)
Donald Carr (Library)
Seth Fisher (Advising)