How to Register on MyVPCC

These step-by-step instructions will guide you in registering for credit classes through MyVPCC.

  1. Click on Current Students at the top-left corner of the Virginia Peninsula webpage.
  2. Enter your login information (username and password) OR create a new password if you are new to the college.
  3. Now that you're logged in, select VCCS SIS: Student Information System (Second link under My Tools).
  4. It's time to sign up for classes! Click Student Center
  5. Click Enroll
  6. Select the semester you wish to enroll (first semester students may default to current semester).
  7. If you know the five digit number of the class in which you would like to enroll, enter it in the enter class number box. If you do not know the class number, scroll down under find classes and select the green search button. Enter the course subject in the subject box and the course number in the number box. For example, if you would like to enroll in developmental math, MTT3, you would need to enter MTT in the subject box and 3 in the number box.
  8. Next, select the drop down box to find the campus where you want to take classes.
  9. Click search and review the available courses. A green circle means the course is open; a blue square means the course is closed. *(VPCC does not use waitlist and there is no permission number for classes)
  10. Click Select Class
  11. View the course details and click NEXT
  12. Review the class in the shopping cart. (This will not reserve your seat in the class. You must proceed to the next step)
  13. Confirm the classes you selected and click the green Proceed to Step 2 of 3 button.
  14. Click Finish Enrollment to complete registration process.
  15. Verify you selected an available course. (A green circle means the class is open; a blue box means the class is closed)
  16. To register for another class, click on the Add Another Class button and repeat the process for each class.

• If your status is reads "Error: unable to add class," view the error message to the left and notify Enrollment Services
• Once your enrollment is complete, select "my class schedule" to print.