Beth Dickens - Employee Giving Profile

Beth Dickens"Students may not remember a lesson you taught, but they will never forget how you treat them," is a mantra that guides Beth Dickens, the Academic Assistant Coordinator for the Science, Engineering and Technology Division. For eight years Beth has been a resource to students and faculty at Thomas Nelson. She's also an adjunct instructor for organizational behavior.

Beth truly has a passion for teaching. She retired from the Air Force in 2010 after 25 years of service, which included several years as a professional military education instructor at Langley Air Force Base. She is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in higher educational leadership from Liberty University.

Beth said, "I try to make a difference. I love to see students' eyes light up when the light bulb clicks in their mind as they're learning. I'm privileged to work with my co-workers and be a part of a team that's passionate about helping students."

In addition to her work inside the classroom, Beth continues to aid students by giving to the college's Educational Foundation. Shortly after her arrival to the college eight years ago Beth learned about the Foundation from her fellow colleagues. "A student came to me for help because she didn't have the funds to purchase her textbooks which were $277 at the time. I asked some of my colleagues about resources to help the student and learned about the Student Emergency Fund. It is wonderful that the college is able to help students who otherwise wouldn't be able to attend school," she recalled.

Beth also believes her faith calls for her to give. She asserts, "We're blessed. I think about John 3:16. We, as humanity, received the greatest gift. God gave us His most treasured gift. There's so many people who are suffering in this world. Being of service to others doesn't really cost that much. Why not be helpful?"

She thought about students in need at the College. "As a member of the college's Care Team, I see their need. There are students who are hungry and cannot concentrate in class. Without donations to programs like the Care Team Cupboard, our students wouldn't receive the help they need."

She reminds her colleagues, "No matter where you direct your donation to in the Foundation, you will not regret helping a student."