Celebrating Small Businesses


Dr. Towuanna Porter Brannon

Dr. Towuanna Porter Brannon became the ninth president of Virginia Peninsula Community College in January 2021. Her higher education career includes over 20 years in leadership, administration, instruction, and providing direct support to students at a diverse array of public and private colleges and universities.

She holds a bachelor's degree in human services, a master's degree in education from St. John's University, and a doctoral degree in executive leadership, administration, and policy from Fordham University.

Named to the 2022 Power List by Inside Business, Dr. Brannon, is recognized among over 60 Hampton Roads influencers representing various sectors and backgrounds who have made positive contributions to the region in the past year.

Dr. Alvean Lyons

Dr. Alvean Lyons, CEO of A.L., Inc., is a renowned speaker, relationship expert, and leadership consultant.

Her current radio and podcast work includes "The Lyons Den" and "The Pastor's Corner on WHOV "Love Live" on National Public Radio, and award-winning "Another View" on Virginia Public Radio.

Dr. Lyons is the founder and executive director of the E.D.G.E. (Economic Development, Growth & Empowerment) Program helping the City of Hampton equip marginalized women with life skills necessary for self-sufficiency. She is also a member of the Virginia Unity Project's board of directors and was a founding partner of TRACE Success Consulting, L.L.C. serving over a decade as its CEO.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Hampton University and a Master of Education in Counseling from William & Mary. Dr. Lyons has conducted doctoral research in Advanced Studies in Human Behavior and holds a doctoral degree in Christian Counseling and a Ph.D. in Counseling Education and Supervision from Hampton University.