Online Computer Science, Automotive Programs Honored

Virginia Peninsula Community College’s online associate program in computer science is ranked in the top 25 in the country.

"It is an honor to be recognized for the hard work and high quality of instruction that goes into making our computer science students successful,” said Scott Stauble, dean of the STEM division at VPCC. 

TechGuide, which lists VPCC at No.22, wrote in a press release: “This recognition highlights the excellence of your program and your unwavering commitment to academic excellence. By earning a place among the top 25 institutions providing exceptional educational opportunities, your program reaffirms its dedication to delivering outstanding education.”

Stauble praised Sally Schaffner, an instructor and head of the computer science department.

“The computer science program, like all programs in the STEM division, strives to ensure students are prepared for their next steps. A huge congratulations to professor Schaffner for her hard work in meeting this goal,” Stauble said.

Schaffner said her experience at the College has been very rewarding.

“I enjoy working with the students and am happy to be able to help them achieve their career goals,” she said.

Colleges go through a thorough evaluation process, and numerous factors are considered, including tuition, student-to-faculty ratio, admission and graduation rates, and alumni success. TechGuide uses data from the National Center for Education Statistics to ensure the accuracy and reliability of its information.

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Automotive program reaccredited

The ASE Education Foundation reaccredited the College’s master automobile service technology program.

“A huge congratulations to Mark Burge and J.T. Tussing for their successful reaccreditation work and running a high-quality program,” Stauble said.

Burge, an instructor and head of the automotive program, said the program requires 1,200 hours of combined classroom and lab/shop activities. In addition, all the instructors must hold ASE certification in a number of areas.

The STEM division at VPCC strives to offer our community top-notch technical education,” Stauble said. “This reaccreditation from ASE is a clear sign that we are meeting that goal and beyond.”

ASE stands for Automotive Service Excellence, and the ASE Education Foundation is a non-profit organization. According to its website, it evaluates and accredits entry-level automotive technology education programs against standards developed by the automotive service industry.

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