Meet Presidential Ambassador Gianella Loten

Gianella Loten began her higher education journey at Virginia Peninsula Community College in fall 2022. She is among four students serving as Presidential Ambassadors for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Participants in the Presidential Ambassadors program commit to 10 months of assisting the College. Ambassadors volunteer at events and in various roles on campus as part of service. Participants receive a $1,000 incentive and mentoring by VPCC leaders, Program Coordinator Michelle Manfred explained. 

A Warhill High School graduate and accounting major, Loten offers insight about her VPCC experience. 

What attracted you to Virginia Peninsula Community College?  I chose VPCC because (of the) dual enrollment program that allowed me to take a year of college credits while in high school.

Why did you choose accounting? I enjoy reviewing data and patterns, which drew me to accounting, and to challenge my problem-solving skills and keep up with technology in the modern workforce. 

What inspires you as you pursue higher education? My parents both completed their bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and their success motivates me to continue my higher learning.

What are your academic and career goals?  In the next five years I plan to attend Virginia Commonwealth University to receive a bachelor’s and a master’s in accounting before starting my career as either an accountant or financial analyst.

How is your VPCC experience helping you work toward your goals? The resources available to students, like the website and faculty members, have helped me plan my future classes and careers.

What clubs or activities are you involved with at the College?  I am a member of the Student Government Association as a senator, and I recently joined the softball team.

How does engaging in campus life affect you? These organizations encourage me to interact with other VPCC students, and they keep me involved with my community.

Would you recommend the College? I would recommend VPCC because I honestly feel supported by the faculty to continue my education. 

Cite any faculty or staff members who contribute positively to your VPCC experiences.  Last semester, I took precalculus with Mr. (Steven) Wells at the Historic Triangle Campus. He diligently guided every student and genuinely tried to liven up the entire class even though it was an 8 a.m. class … that was the first class I enjoyed since taking Algebra I in middle school.

Manfred, a proponent of the dual enrollment program at the College, is thrilled Loten continued with VPCC after high school.

“Gianella is no stranger to VPCC. She attended while taking dual enrollment courses and was very familiar with the Historic Triangle Campus, so she was a perfect fit for being an Ambassador at that campus,” noted Manfred.