Hiring Efforts Continue with Adjunct Hiring Fair

While Dr. Brannon couldn’t participate in person at Virginia Peninsula Community College’s annual “All College Day,” she made her priorities known through video messages.

“Our faculty and staff are the pillars upon which this institution stands, the driving forces behind the transformative education we offer, and the guiding hands that mold the learners into future leaders,” she said in one of the addresses. “Let us never forget the profound impact we have on the lives of our students.”

For the past year, the College has backed up Brannon’s words with actions. More than 80 faculty and staff have been hired in the past year. Since May, the number is 36. According to Human Resources, the latter number includes five full-time faculty and 10 part-time faculty. The hires also include work-study students, educational support and administration, financial services, general administration positions, the library, EMS, and security.

As you’ve seen today, we have a lot of new people at the College,” Steven Felker, vice president for Institutional Effectiveness and Transformation, said at the Aug. 16 gathering at Liberty Live Church. “This has been a particularly busy year in terms of hiring.”

Hiring so many talented people in so many areas, he added, has positioned the College for continued success. And the hiring isn’t done.

The College is holding an Adjunct Hiring Fair on Sept. 28 from 4-7 p.m. in its Hampton IV building on the Hampton Campus. Areas that need adjuncts are biology, chemistry, physics, math, computer science, IT and cybersecurity, unmanned systems, mechatronics, mechanical engineering technology, HVAC, automotive, and electrical engineering technician.

Dr. Brannon also stressed the process doesn’t stop with the hire. She pledged to continue to support all facets of the College, including staff development.

“My intention is to provide our faculty and staff with the critical funding and resources that you need to do what you do well,” she said.

“Providing an inclusive and engaging environment, coupled with high quality instruction, is the ideal way to ensure student enrollment and retention remains consistent and increases,” she said.