Name Change Communication Plan


Where do I find our new logos?

In the fall of 2022, we began developing our new brand, which includes clearly defining who we are, who we want to be and our visual identity. We have created a new brand that is now available for you to use in all of your communications.

Please access these documents so you can update your department's forms, class syllabus, and other items.

You can also find updated Zoom / Teams backgrounds, templates for letterhead and envelopes, and other templates as they become available.


How do I refer to Virginia Peninsula Community College in my communications?

All references to Thomas Nelson Community College and use of the Thomas Nelson logo should cease. It is also important that we do not shorten the college name or use acronyms whenever possible. If you must shorten the name due to character limitations, you may use "Va. Peninsula Community College" or "Virginia Peninsula." Only in cases where acronyms are required should you use "VPCC."

Do we need to use a new style guide?

As a reminder, the colors, font, tagline and other visual identifiers remain the same. Refer to the brand guidelines which are accessible at

How do I update my materials?

All departments can update their own internal materials including forms, .pdf documents, etc. If you need assistance, please put in a request with the marketing team.

Please note, with the volume of changes needed, public-facing documents will be updated prior to internal documents.

What will happen to our current website?

Both and domains are currently active on the Internet. They both lead to the College's website. Thus, both addresses are working.

Please note users will get warnings that the security certificate names do not match. However, users can still connect despite the security certificate warnings.

The warnings will cease once we install the new certificates.

If you are a content contributor for your area, please update all instances of Thomas Nelson Community College on your webpages, social media channels and replace all digital documents.

What is going to happen to my emails?

You can now receive emails at email address. You can also receive emails at address. You currently still send email from your address, but that will soon change as we will explain.

You should, as soon as possible but by no later than August 16 take the following actions:

  • Update your email signature to include your email address.

  • Update your contacts so they start using your email to send you messages.

  • Update forms, letters, documents, business cards, etc. to include your email address.

  • Faculty should publish their fall syllabi using their email (and their preferred phone number) as their primary form of communication.

  • Faculty should update their email addresses in whatever external systems they use to teach such as publisher learning management systems. See more information about Canvas updates below.

On August 16, we began switching to as the primary email address. You can now log into your online services using your email address. While you will continue to use your VCCS credentials for single sign-on with the College portal, you will now begin using the address for such things as webmail access, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, or other Microsoft online services. At this time your email will also be sent from your address as well.

You will still be able to receive emails sent to That will remain in place for some time until we determine that most of our contacts have been updated. We will inform you when receiving emails is scheduled to expire.

At no point will you ever have two mailboxes; you do not need to worry about losing access to one of them.

How will internal information systems be impacted by the change?

The System Office IT team has been making all updates to information systems. This includes updates in PeopleSoft, Accounting, Human Resources, Library, and Canvas systems among many others. Testing has been completed. As this is no small feat, we thank everyone at the College who has assisted with the process.

As of June 27, when the System Office IT team started transitioning from the testing phase into the production phase, students, faculty, and staff began to see the new name and logo throughout our technology systems. All system users should take time to check their log in credentials, run their standard reports, and maneuver through the systems as you normally would.

Please note that some systems still require an email address for log-in. At this time, most systems still require you to use If at some point, you attempt to log in and cannot, first try using If you still have trouble, contact the helpdesk for assistance.

What are the Canvas updates for Faculty?

As this transition began in the middle of the summer term. Summer courses were not updated to reflect the new name.

For those who have courses for fall 2022 the College's Canvas administrator will update the Simple Syllabus. Please use this if you have not already made updates.

Faculty should make updates to their course materials and Canvas shells before August 21. Use the images and styles provided. The course shells for fall have been created. Instructions for updating your information are below. Questions should be directed to

Canvas Updates

Department Check List

  • Remove old posters, signs, and fliers that reference Thomas Nelson and replace them with updated information. Rebrand tip: don't just "ctrl H," make it better!

  • If you notice removable fliers on bulletin boards or around campus that reference Thomas Nelson, please help the team by removing them and discarding.

  • Finish updates on any web posted forms and documents and submit them to the web services team for uploading use this form

  • If your department needs retractable signs, help with brochures, or other publicity items, meet with the PR team and use this form to make requests.

  • If departments have their own social media, the department's content manager should go through the steps per each social media platform to make update the page. If you have questions or need help, please email or

  • Review your department list in the directory for accuracy. Submit updates to Human Resources for verification. Approved department lists will be sent by HR to web services.

Personal Check List

As you prepare for normal business operations under our new name, consider using this check list to aid in that transition:

  • Update your email signature. Use this suggested template:

  • Update your incoming phone message / voicemail. Use this suggested template:
    Thanks for contacting YOUR NAME at Virginia Peninsula Community College in YOUR DEPARTMENT'S NAME. I'm sorry I missed your call. Please leave a message at the tone.

  • Updated electronic letterhead and envelope templates. You can find them here:
    When the College adopts and finalizes our logo and tagline, we will order hardcopy envelopes and letterhead for both campuses. If your department has a mailing that will require hard copies, please contact Michelle Shonk at at least six weeks prior and the College can order through our mandatory printing source, Virginia Correctional Enterprises.

  • Update your Zoom and Teams video call background. You can find them at

  • Double check your identifying icons and profile photos in Microsoft or social media accounts to remove references to Thomas Nelson

  • After speaking with your supervisor, determine if you need to order new business cards. The process for ordering new business cards is currently under consideration. Updates will be provided to supervisors soon.

  • Consider updating your personal social media accounts to reference the College's new name.

  • Sign up for OmniLert: to receive campus emergency alerts.

  • Review your personal information in the directory for accuracy. Submit updates to your supervisor who will provide full department updates to Human Resources for review and verification. Once verified HR will submit changes to web services.

Name Tags

Our goal is to provide everyone who is front facing or who frequently attends events on behalf of the College, an updated name tag as quickly as possible. All faculty and staff who desire to have a name tag will receive one.

Faculty and staff who have Thomas Nelson name tags can participate in a name tag replacement program. We have identified an economical, fast way to complete this process. In most cases, the old name label peels off easily. Employees can complete this form to request a new, high-quality printed label that can be adhered to the existing name plate. You will be notified when your update is available.

There are many faculty and staff who never received a name tag. If you have more than one Thomas Nelson name tag, please return all name tags for recycling and reuse. We appreciate your assistance in donating excess name tags for this purpose.

Faculty and staff who do not have a Thomas Nelson name tag but would like to have a Virginia Peninsula name tag issued, should complete this form. You will be notified when your name tag is available.

New ID Cards and 2022-23 Parking Permits

  • All students, faculty and staff will need new photo ID cards and parking permits for the 2022-23 academic year. To help keep waiting times to a minimum and ensure good service, Campus Police request that you stagger your plans and follow this timeline:

  • July 11 - all faculty and staff may begin obtaining their credentials
  • August 1 - all students may begin obtaining their credentials
  • Locations: HT Campus Room 116; Hampton Campus Room 155 in Diggs

  • Times: Monday - Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

  • Please remember to bring a state or government issued identification such as DMV ID card, Driver's license, your expiring Thomas Nelson ID Card or your student or Employee ID number. New photos may be taken and are recommended. Old Thomas Nelson ID cards should be surrendered at the time you obtain the new Virginia Peninsula Community College ID Card.

  • Additional information as well as Parking Permit Applications and Staff Payroll Deduction Forms can be found at

  • Parking Regulations can be found here:

Updates from Around Campus

  • Plant Services is working diligently to update all signage to reflect the name Virginia Peninsula CC. However, some signs are easy to miss. Please help us out and submit a request through School Dude.

  • Highway signs are being updated through VDOT. They are scheduled to be installed in mid-August.

  • We are working on updating our street names. This time-consuming process requires petitions to the City of Hampton. Stay tuned for more information.

  • Part of the name change process involved identifying buildings that may also need a name change update. We are working with the Local College Board and the Educational Foundation to establish a process and identify the best new names for those facilities that need an update. More information will follow as we move towards this essential goal.

How is student technology impacted?

Student email and log-in information is not impacted by our name change. They will continue to use their VCCS log-in credentials which have not changed.

Other information

This page is updated periodically as developments occur. Please check it out routinely to stay informed.

If you have questions about the rebranding process that have not been addressed here, please contact us at