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High School Career Coaching

High School Career Coaches are community college employees based at local high schools throughout the peninsula. 

All of Virginia Peninsula’s Career Coaches have advanced degrees, a variety of professional experience in both education and industry, and become Certified Career Coaches through the VCCS Certification program. They help individual students identify and develop written career plans based on the student’s interests, abilities, and values. 

The fundamental goal of the Career Coach Program is to increase the number of high school graduates prepared for employment, postsecondary education, and enrollment in formal career pathways.  Working with a Career Coach empowers students to make informed, realistic plans for their futures.

While the day-to-day functions of career coaches may vary according to the specific needs of their schools, major responsibilities include:

  • Facilitating the development of individual career plans and portfolios.
  • Administering and interpreting career assessments, such as the Virginia Education Wizard, to help students identify interests, skills, and values.
  • Relating information about careers and career pathways.
  • Connecting students to early college programs such as Dual Enrollment.
  • Easing the transition between high school and postsecondary options: higher education, the skilled workforce, military, or apprenticeship and trade training.

Career Coach Contact Information

Suzy Lindley, M.S.Ed.

Erin Nobile, M.S.Ed.

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