Military Corner for March

Welcome to Military Corner. This space is designed for you to see what is going on with Military and Veteran Services. You can see upcoming workshops, information pertaining to the Student Veterans of America club, and monthly factoids.

Benefit Reminders

  • Students using VA education benefits should submit a certification request upon enrolling each semester.
  • Active duty/reservists/National Guard using tuition assistance (TA) should email to notify us of intentions to use so we can hold classes.
  • Remember to contact Military and Veteran Services if you wish to make schedule changes so we can lift the hold for you to make the change. If making a change on the day of the deadline, you must contact Military and Veteran Services prior to the close of business.
  • The VA is sunsetting its current benefit processing software Feb. 26 to transition to a new and improved platform that will go live March 6. During this transition, school certifying officials will not be able to report enrollments and schedule changes to the VA.
  • Spring graduation application deadline is Wednesday, March 1.

Key Upcoming Dates and Events:

March 2, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m., Hampton Roads Veteran Employment Center, 600 Thimble Shoals Blvd., Suite 210, Newport News: Entrepreneurship, Employment, Empowerment and Education. Learn what the HRVEC offers. Talk with a Military and Veteran Services representative about how to use your military benefits at Virginia Peninsula Community College.

March 27, 8:30 - 11 a.m., Cyber Café in Steuben Hall, Coast Guard Training Center, Yorktown: Recruiting event with David Lannon from the College’s Financial Aid/Veterans’ Affairs department to learn about VPCC.

April 19: The Military and Veteran Services Honor reception. Details to come in the next issue of Military Corner.

March Factoids:

March 3: Navy Reserve birthday. This branch got its formal start in 1915, when it was known as the Federal Naval Reserve. This would last until 1916 when the Reserve was reorganized and re-christened the United States Naval Reserve Force. At the start of World War I, approximately 8,000 reserve members served. By war’s end, those numbers swelled to 250,000, according to

March 5: Seabee birthday. This birthday is, believe it or not, a complicated thing. An innovation of military minds during World War II, Navy Seabees have a dual mission to build and to fight in support of combat operations, humanitarian outreach, and nation-building.

March 15: American Legion birthday. The American Legion is a Veterans Service Organization, also known as a VSO. The official site for the Legion claims it is “the nation’s largest” wartime veterans service organization.


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