Army Implements Temporary Fix for Tuition Assistance Issue | Virginia Peninsula Community College

Army Implements Temporary Fix for Tuition Assistance Issue

The U.S. Army is continuing to have difficulty with its new education portal, IgnitED.  As a result, soldiers at most installations--including Fort Eutis and Fort Story--are unable to request tuition assistance (TA) through the portal.  Until problems are corrected, soldiers should follow the steps below in requesting TA.  

     A.  Register for classes with their academic institution

     B.  After registering, contact the military rep at your school and provide the following information:

  • Rank
  • Name
  • Student ID number (assigned by school)
  • Class designation/title (example: CST 100, Introduction to Public Speaking)
  • Section number
  • Class start/end dates
  • Tuition cost for class (do not include fees; for Virginia Peninsula, multiply the in-state rate $156 by the number of credit hours awarded for the class; for a three semester hour class, the total would be $468; for a four-hour class, the tuition total would be $624.  Do NOT include fees in your totals, since tuition assistance does not cover fees
  • Number of credit hours awarded for the class

     C.  Send required information to; it will be forwarded to Army ACCESS for processing/payment

     D.  Confirm with military rep that a "Do Not Drop" hold has been placed on your student account.  This is prevent you from being dropped from class due to non-payment while we await payment from the Army

Remember: these modified procedures apply only to Army personnel.  Students from the other military services should continue to follow existing procedures for requesting tuition assistance.  For questions or additional information, call 825-2938.