Nursing Education Readmission Applicant Information

Professional Nursing Program Readmission Process

An applicant seeking readmission into the nursing program after having left the Nursing (NSG) major courses, for either academic or personal reasons, may apply for readmission in accordance with policies, procedures, and education standards as specified in the Nursing Education Program Handbook.

A readmission applicant who has been admitted to the nursing program a total of two times and fails to complete the program following the second offer of admission will not be readmitted to the program unless extenuating circumstances can be demonstrated by the applicant, and which are deemed valid by the Nursing Program Admission Committee. The offer of admission to a qualified readmission applicant will be contingent upon the space available in the classrooms and nursing laboratories; the program's access to sufficient clinical spaces in the region's healthcare settings in order to meet the program's learning outcomes; the number of qualified nursing faculty to teach the students in classrooms, labs, and clinical settings; and availability in the incoming cohort(s) based upon the number of eligible readmission applicants.

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of available qualified faculty and the amount of enrollment space available in the program, some applicants may not be accepted even if the minimum requirements for admission are met.

The application will be disqualified if submission does not include all required elements.

The Board of Nursing may deny any application for licensure if the applicant has committed a felony/misdemeanor under laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia or of the United States. Applicants who have a drug or alcohol related offense will be disqualified.

Readmitted students may be required to repurchase some or all educational resources, course materials, and/or uniforms if educational resources, course materials, and/or uniform requirements change between program acceptance.

Important Dates for Readmission Intent and Application Submission

Students must apply for readmission to the campus for which their nursing cohort is currently assigned by the dates below:

  • Hampton Campus Student Readmission Application Deadline: July 1st
  • Historic Triangle Student Readmission Application Deadline: February 1st

Intent and applications for readmission must be submitted to no later than the above dates depending upon your nursing cohort campus location.

Additional Readmission Requirements

You will be required to complete a new background check and drug screen, as well as to submit proof of a new medical physical exam on the programs physical form, each of these requirements must be completed by the dates below depending upon the campus for which your nursing cohort is currently assigned:

  • Hampton Campus Student Readmission Application Deadline: August 1st
  • Historic Triangle Student Readmission Application Deadline: March 1st

The requirements must be completed and submitted prior to the dates above, not started by the dates above.

Background Check and Drug Screen Information: Please use [CastleBranch Instructions] for more information and direction.

Medical Physical and Immunization Requirement Information: Please use [Health History, Physical Exam & Immunizations] for your physical exam and immunization documents (4 pages). Please also complete the communicable diseases form [Communicable Disease Statement]. All documentation shall be uploaded to your CastleBranch Compliance Tracker. DO NOT EMAIL or DROP OFF ANY HARD COPY MEDICAL or PERSONAL INFORMATION.

TB & Clinical Requirements:

  • Negative IGRA test results from either (1) QuantifFERON®-TB Gold In-Tube test (GFT-GIT) or (2) T-SPOT®B test (T-Spot)


  • Mantoux Tuberculin Skin Tests (TST -- Complete the survey portion at the top. Your provider will complete the middle box for Step 1 (NO NEED FOR STEP 2 THIS TIME). Your provider will need to complete the Virginia Peninsula form [PPD Form]
  • If you have a positive TST/PPD or IGRA, documentation of a negative chest x-ray subsequent to the positive TST is required along with the completed survey at the top of the PPD Form.

Influenza Vaccination Information and Documentation:

All students will be required to have a current influenza vaccination no later than September 1st annually. Proof shall be uploaded to your CastleBranch Compliance Tracker no later than September 1st.

COVID Vaccination Information and Documentation:

  • COVID vaccinations are required by our clinical sites. All students attending clinical rotations will need to complete COVID vaccination series and boosters as necessary in order to attend clinical. This requirement cannot be declined, and only approved medical or religious exemptions will be accepted. A medical exemption form can be obtained through your medical provider. Please visit 12VAC5-110-80. Exemptions from immunization requirements. ( for more information on a religious exemption. If you have an approved exemption, please complete the RHS Vaccine Exemption Form [RHS Vaccine Exemption Form].
  • Complete and sign the Virginia Peninsula Community College COVID Risk Assessment Form [COVID Risk Form].
  • All COVID vaccination cards and the assumption of risk of forms must be uploaded as separate files into your CastleBranch Compliance Tracker.

AHA BLS Certification:

All students seeking readmission shall provide a copy of their current (unexpired) American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life Support (BLS) [CPR-AED] certification. No substitutions or alternate certifications will be accepted. Upload the front and back of your signed AHA BLS certification card to your CastleBranch Compliance Tracker.

Riverside Health System (RHS) Application:

  • Page 1 - please complete your personal information at the top, including the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number (SSN) and any RHS employment information (list dates and facility if applicable). Clinical details for "Clinical Learning Experience" leave blank and add your name at the bottom.
  • Page 2 - please print/sign and date at the bottom.
  • Page 3 - Please initial by each line item, and print/sign and date at the bottom. Please leave the School info blank until new information is provided for the impending name change.
  • Page 4 - Please print/sign and date the confidentiality agreement and be sure to include the last 4 digits of your SSN. Please fill in Volunteer for your Status and A.D.N. is your Program. Please leave the School and Assigned Location information blank.
  • Page 5 - Please print/sign and date the Riverside Affiliation Participation Notice and leave the School information blank. Upload a copy of Page 5 to your CastleBranch Compliance Tracker.
  • Page 6 - For Respiratory Therapy students only; not applicable to nursing students. Please do not return this page.

Review the Nursing Education Program Essential Functions.

Student Registration/Course Enrollment Forms:

If your application for readmission is granted, your student registration/course enrollment form(s) will be emailed to your Virginia Peninsula Community College/Virginia Community College System ( email as soon as schedules are confirmed in the Student Information System (SIS).

You are required to continue to monitor your student email in compliance with program policies as new and/or additional information and/or instructions may be emailed to you.

You are required to continue to review and comply will all policies, procedures, and education standards in the Nursing Education Program Handbook.

All Nursing Education Program Forms, as well as all of the requirements detailed above must be completed in their entirety (including your signature, as required and/or applicable) by the deadlines (dates) provided in order to be considered eligible for readmission to include any and all additional eligibility requirements (i.e. grade point average, eligibility based upon course success, etc.).

  • Hampton Campus Student Readmission Application Deadline: August 1st
  • Historic Triangle Student Readmission Application Deadline: March 1st