Alternative Placement Methods | Virginia Peninsula Community College

Alternative Placement Methods

Alternative methods have been created to help you determine placement in English and mathematics classes.


1. Multiple Measures

Multiple Measures for Placement help determine readiness for college-level math and English. Eligibility includes:

  • An earned associate’s degree or higher
  • A grade of “C” or better in college-level math and/or English courses at a regionally accredited institution
  • Students who have successfully completed developmental math and/or English (within 5 years) courses at a VCCS institution may be exempt from placement testing
  • Students who have successfully completed developmental math and/or English (within 5 years) at a non-VCCS institution can be evaluated for placement
  • Satisfactory Standardized Test Scores
    • Advance Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), College Level Advancement Placement (CLEP), Cambridge International Exams, and Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Educational Support (DSST/DANTES) as determined by the College’s Advanced Standing Guide
    • High School GPA (with appropriate courses) and SAT, ACT, or GED Scores (Valid for 5 years after the date of high school graduation or the date of the test): View Math and English placement guidelines here.

*If you are eligible but do not have access to the appropriate documentation because of school closures, please use the attached Advising Questionnaire for Recent High School Graduates.

Advising Questionnaire


2. Informed Self-Placement

Students that are not eligible to use Multiple Measures can review the advising sheets below to determine placement. The sheets below serve as a guide to help place our students into the appropriate course through informed self-placement. Once a student has determined placement they may send an email to with their class information based on the guide.

MTH 131

MTH 154, 155

MTH 161

ENG 111


3. VPT Practice Test

Take the Virginia Placement Test (VPT)  Practice Test to inform your placement decisions. Learn more about how to take the test and score information on the VPT Practice page.